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Very nice. The colors caught my attention the first time I saw it, the technique is perfect. Simply beautiful. When I see some parts of...

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This is my gallery. There are traditional and digital drawings.
By personal problems, already not I am interested in digital art....Sorry.



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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Hello! My name is Akane but the rest call me Barby or Hitoka. I draw in digital from 2013, but already I don't, by personal problems. I'm studying art, but for now just drawing anime style.
Sick psychiatry.
LC: 24/06/2017


Hello!!!! This is my new make-up uwu
-Inspiration: Class Grenayde (instagram: @classgrenayde)
-Time: 33 minutes
You find me in:
~Twitter: @catPlisetsky44
~Instagram: muralla_4c
~This crush: muralla4
Rin death
Scene of the death of Rin Nohara (Naruto Shippuden)
~Inspiration: Naruto Shippuden
~Time: 1 hour aprox.
Shouko Nishimiya
Shouko Nishimiya from Koe no Katachi

~Time: 3 hours
~Inspiration: Koe no Katachi
Body art uwu
~Inspiration: Class Grenayde pictures (@classgrenayde)
~Time: 30 minutes
Class Grenayde from Lord of the Lost
This is my realistic drawing of Class Grenayde (Klass Helmecke) from the band "Lord of the Lost". Is my first drawing in this style >n<
~Inspiration: Class Grenayde instagram (@classgrenayde)
~Time: 36 hours aprox.
《My instagram: muralla_4c》
《My "this crush": muralla4》
Well, I started this first interview with jhasthedeathnote my first watcher The Australian Salamander Man 

Barby: I will begin interviewing you Baby duh 

Jovana: ooohhh do start xD *puts on sunglasses* *puts on my serious business face* 

B: Ok like to devote yourself to any profession related to art?

J: well i wish i was good enough to have a job related to art but i think i'm just going to keep art as something i get involved with for fun xD 

B: what you motivated to enter the "world of the drawing"?

J: well i can't remember that well... i know i was really bored and i wanted to decorate my wall with creepy drawings xD later i just continued drawing everything i liked from manga characters to singers and actors... then i made profile here so i can motivate myself and since then i've been actually working on my style *cough* everything i do is to impress xD that's like one of my main motivations in life xD

B: To my really I like as you a draw uwur
What do you think is your best drawing?

J: thank you awww *blushing*
well it's kinda weird but i think i like my frist drawing i posted here the most (it was the drawing of armin from attack on titan) and i like it because i never excpected it to turn out good xD but it's not really loved by others....
i also like my drawing of nicolas from gangsta,othello from black butler and maybe ticci toby too?
but my most popular drawing is the one of ciel from black butler 

Armin Arlert Attack On Titan By Jhasthedeathnote-d by Barby4           Nicolas  Gangsta By Jhasthedeathnote-damq7ie by Barby4         Othello  Black Butler  Inktober By Jhasthedeathnot by Barby4        Ciel  Black Butler  Inktober By Jhasthedeathnote-d by Barby4      Ticci Toby   Creepypasta  By Jhasthedeathnote-davd by Barby4

B: Are beautiful!!! nwn
Has ever gone through your head-the idea of stop of draw? Why?

J: well it did.. mostly because i wasn't good enough or because i thought there's no use in that
but i soon realized the importance of having something that you can do to calm you down and i kept drawing so that can sorta be my safeplace 
but it sucks to know you'll never be that good. especially if you're not that good in anything xD

B: Hahahaha xD I wanted to leave the drawing the year past, since believed that not was it sufficiently good for that xD
you only draw style anime or have other styles?

J: i feel ya xD it's better to stay positive though ^^
well as you can see in my gallery i draw realistically from time to time as well, i also like pop art and i love croqui charcoal drawings as well
if you could look at my notebook doodles you'd see a lot of semi-realistic sketches too ^^

Gd By Jhasthedeathnote-dahdr0e by Barby4      Gerard Way   Mcr By Jhasthedeathnote-dab6t3b by Barby4

B: That's great! I still don't do realistic drawings, but I'd like to do it 
What do you know about Chile? xDDD

J: well all the basics you learn from geography in school... also a bit of history like spanish colonization taking it over from the incas and colonizing it in mid 16th century
i know a bit about archaelogical site monte verde too.. 
B: u know more than me about Chile xD Hahahaha
If u had the opportunity to travel to any city in the world, wherr would u go?

J: ahahahah well it's always more interesting knowing other countries than your own xD
hmmm.... i'm not sure... maybe some cities/towns in southern france because they tend to be the most beautiful and richest in history.. like maybe carcassone or marseille or toulouse...
i really like places with a lot of history and art xD
i'd definitely love to visit london as well
or japanese towns like takayama and kanazawa ^^

B: To my I would like to visit Kyoto, Japan uwu
There are some drawing of yours who has a history? If the answer is 'yes'... what drawing is and that story?

J: well i always remember everything about my drawings, from where i was sitting when i drew them, the songs that were playing at the time and all the mistakes i've made
but as for the story the drawing i posted recently (bastard charcoal sketch) i posted it only because of how i felt at that moment
i'm not going to go deep into details but i had horrible nightmares and i felt afraid of something for days before i finally calmed down.
i even dreamed about going to church to light up a candle for myself *to keep the evil away* and i dreamed about the time when the candle i lit suddenly went out which could mean that someone will die.
i was just so affraid for some reason, i mean i'm not even religious. 
and the worst part is that after a day my neighbor died..
so yeah i wanted that drawing to represent the fear i was going through
i think it looks kinda unpleasant to others too

Bastard  One Minute Charcoal Sketch  By Jhasthedea by Barby4

B: do you practice any sport?

J: anyways... the only thing i practise is my parents patience xD jk
i never really practised anything and i suck at sports so much xD *is a couch potato* 
i mean seriously the only bad grade i have in school is p.e xD

B: hahahaha xD
which technique is more like used in your drawings?

J: hahah well that's a tricky question to answer
hmmm.. you can see quite a bit of different techniques in my drawins but overall my way of drawing is really simple
i first draw the guidelines that i'm trying to work without nowadays xD then i do the basic sketch and i usually first start with the face, i shade it to add more depth. i'm not that good at crosshatching tbh so i just outsine the darkest places a bit and smudge it with a brush..and that's basically what i do with the hair too...i just draw a lot of hairs, smudge, outline the darkest parts, smudge again, create the lightest parts and smudge again xD

B: Hahahahaha sounds stressful xDD
Why did you decide to join to DA?

J: well i had a lot of drawings that i thought weren't that bad so i wanted to keep working on them and having deviantart seemed like something that could force me to do so xD
also i was really terrified but overall even if i haven't improved that much, drawing more hepled me in other aspects of my life so i'm happy ^^
not to mention i made a lot of friends here ^^
also another reason was that i needed a new site to use since was dying xD idk i really love chatting with people online and i needed a place to do that xD

B: Hahahahaha DA is cool uwur
How do you focus when you draw? I listen to music uwur

J: well idk sometimes i listen to the music but it doesn't really make me focus, sometimes it does quite the opposite xD
so idk if i'm drawing a certain character i'd read some fanfics or watch an amv to keep me focused on that character xD so when i start drawing i don't really stop until it's done

B: Oh.... I see xD
which is your "worst" drawing here in DA? (I think that all my drawings of 2013 are disgusting xD)

J: oh my god it's without a doubt my 707 drawing i did for inktober it can literally give you eye cancer 
also my komaeda "painting" xD so much regret omg so much fucking regret

B: hahahahah xD
Why you username is jhasthedeathnote?

J: omg i actually can't remember xD
i know i first used this one for my youtube i probably took the idea from "danisnotonfire" and made an anime version
so i mean it was either that or JhasTheOneRing but i mean deathnote sounds more interesting
and i mean it's accurate because my name is jovana and i do have a death note xD
so i mean it was actually the first or second username i ever created that wasn't just my full name XD because i have no imagination and i'd literally just type in my name xD

B: ajsksjsksnd xDD And the last question... How were your beginnings in the drawing? eue

J: freaking hilarious xD i used to draw cool pictures i found online but had no idea what was i actually doing so looking at those drawings right now it's not rare to see people with seven fingers on one hand, nothing in proportion, and lots and lots of angels and creepypasta xD
and ooooh it's done? xD this was so fun tbh xD

B: I don't have a lot of imagination.But thank you for having responded to all, was fun to ask you questions xD

These days, I will seek someone else to interview, so better you answer me messages 7n7 xDD



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